Sunday, December 9, 2012

Tis the Season!

  I don't know about you guys, but I am completely and totally in the Christmas spirit!  Drinking hot cocoa, putting up decorations, painting my nails all festively, and the like.  ;)  I just can't wait for Christmas!  <3

  I actually had my Nutcracker Ballet performance yesterday, and I think it went pretty well!  I don't usually remember much of it at all, since it's so fast and I can basically hear my heart pounding.  XD  I guess I'll see how well I did when I get the DVD.  ;]

  But really, Nutcracker was great!  I had such an amazing cast and an awesome "fan club" that came to support me, and I just loved every moment of it.  I'm so sad to know that it's all over, though!  Now what I'm thinking about is how I need to practice for the parts that I want next year!  XD

  Today was our first ACTUAL snow, but our technical third snow!  :D  YAY FOR SNOW!  <3  I absolutely adore snow, even though it brings lots of cold.  XD  But still, snow = white Christmas = HAPPY CAROLYN! XD

  Recently, I haven't done anything else/nothing much has happened that's been all that exciting.  Nutcracker has definitely been the highlight of my December!  :D  I've been vlogging today, since-it seems-that nearly every other YouTuber on the PLANET is doing Vlogmas . . . and it seems like a bunch of fun.  ;)  I've barely posted anything on YouTube, though, so this will be a good pick-me-up for my channel.  :)

  So, I will end this post with some Instagram photos for you to enjoy!  :D

Getting ready for Nutcracker dress rehearsal

Hot cocoa <3

The best socks EVER from my cousin {Nutcracker Gift}

First snow!


P.S.- Sorry for no posts recently!  I've been really busy!  But don't forget to check out my YouTube! :D  Vlog going up soon!  :]


  1. OOO, ahh, I love your new Christmas design! Very lovely. :)
    I'm hoping to buy a point-shoe ornament sooner or later. It might be next year though, or I'll just wait until after Christmas when they're on sale. My Christmas tree will probably be up until August. XD


    1. Thanks so much! :D

      *Pointe shoe. ;) Sorry, pet peeve of mine. XD But anyways, cool! Mine's just little. This is my little Christmas tree in my room, but I have a LOT of dance ornaments. You accumulate a lot when you dance for as long as I have. XD


  2. I LOVE all your light bokeh :D And I'm happy to hear The Nutcracker went well! Love you blog design too XD

    1. Thank you! :D Thanks, thanks, thanks! XD Just thanks GURL! ;)



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