Sunday, May 19, 2013

In Which I Explain My Hiatus! {{A HUGE Update Post!}}

  Well . . . hi guys.  So, I haven't posted in about two months, and-trust me-I feel pretty darn bad about that!  But before you start asking questions about where I was, if I was/am okay, or if I'm giving up this blog entirely, let me explain myself!  And while I explain myself, please enjoy some photos of the my Red Bud tree and some other miscellaneous things from my phone!  :)

Warning: Lots of words ahead

Whenever I put on mascara, I feel the need to take
pictures like this.  :)


  The dance season is over for a month or so, and I'm sad and bored, as I always am at this time of year.  I was so busy with dance, as I had three recitals to perform in.  Being in three recitals means lots of practicing, so time on the computer was really cut out of my every day life.


  I honestly can not remember if I ever told you guys about this, but I was in track this spring sports season!  I really enjoyed track, but I had so much going on, I only had the chance to go to two meets out of the eight that were scheduled.  On top of that, the last track meet we had-which was a home meet and also the conference meet-had to be cancelled when it was only half way over because of thunder storms.  To say the least, I was really upset!  I only got to run in one event,-the open 400-which I got first in my heat in, but seventh overall {aka one place away from getting a ribbon and actually "placing"}.  Although that really stunk, I'm definitely going to keep on running, and I hope to run a lot this summer, including some 5k's!


  School has definitely been a big part of my life recently!  School is beginning to wind down, and for that I am so thankful!  Our last day is the sixth of June, which could definitely be worse.  I really need to get to reading, {that's what I'll be doing after I hit publish on this post!} I have a lot of big projects going on, I need to get to practicing my French horn, and all kinds of other things are going on right now.  The school year's almost over, but school work definitely isn't.

Life in General

  And then, of course, I still have the little things of everyday life.  I still have to make time to be a regular human being, getting outside, hanging out with friends, just doing everything that I should be doing.  With summer coming, though, everything will be so much better!

  So that was kind of extremely long, but I hope you guys read through the whole thing and understand that I'm not trying to just give up on this blog.  If I have to take a break, {such as this one, even though it wasn't planned} I have to take a break.  Once summer comes I'll probably have more to post about, but who knows what summer holds for me!  I guess we'll find out soon enough.  :)


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  1. I was wondering where you went! I can't be mad at you for having a busy life haha. I know how you feel. Glad to hear from you though! Your blog is probably my favorite of all the blogs that I read :)


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