Monday, June 3, 2013

Dear Boys {{4}}

I really felt the need to write a Dear Boys post today.  And so I did.  The messages are kind of really long this time, but I guess I've got a lot to say . . . even though these people will probably never read these messages.  :)

Dear Big Macintosh,
So you're kind of one of my best friends.
And I really feel bad because I gave you bad advice . . . 
Well maybe the advice wasn't bad,
it just didn't work out.
But still, I feel pretty bad.
But I know you won't let me feel bad for long, cuz that's how you roll.
Bronies and Pegasisters 5-ever,
Rainbow Dash

Dear Guy-Whom-I-Don't-Know-What-To-Name,
Ask her out.  I don't know what she'll say.
But really, ask her out.
Please and thanks,

Dear Serth,
I always feel the need to include you in these posts,
but I never have anything to say.
OH!  I have an idea now!
They call you Hephaestus.
Still laughing,

Dear Ratatouille,
You're also kinda one of my best friends.
And even though other people got annoyed by you totally knowing every word to the movie, it really cracked me up.
Maybe I'm just weird, but I know you are, so maybe that's why we're friends!
And really, you should stop killing flies.
Your Home-Ec Buddy,

Dear Steak,
We're singing together on Thursday . . .
That's kinda cool!
I think you and my brother are kinda best friends . . . 
And that's kinda weird!
I guess we're a "thing" now . . . 
And I'm kinda excited.

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