Monday, May 28, 2012

Happy Memorial Day!

  Hey everyone!  Happy Memorial Day!  I'm not really going to be doing much for Memorial Day, sadly, but that's okay, I guess.  ;]  Everyone enjoying their day off of school?! :D

  Well, today I'm not going to do too much.  XD  I'll probably hang out with my little neighbor {here's a post that has to do with her!}, we've hung out every day this weekend.  ;]  We'll probably dress up all of my dolls {and her doll, too!}, and then totally change her idea of what she wants to do.  XD  That's what usually happens.  So, I expect we'll draw/color, I'll probably do her hair, and we'll go outside.  I love hanging out with her, though, she's a pretty awesome first grader. ;]

  OH!  Our pool is ALMOST ready, which I am SO very excited about!  My dad said that it will most likely be ready to swim in by the last day of school {Wednesday, if you're wondering}, so I will get home from school and jump into the water.  XD  Gah, I am just SO excited!

A terrible picture of our pool!  :D  {{Oh, and that's a floatie thing over on the far end of the pool  deck.  If you were wondering.  XD}}
Pool ladder!

  Along with our pool-and along with summer-in this part of the world comes . . .

This frog here is hiding between a loose board on the wall of the pool deck and the wall. XD

  FROGS!  XD  You always know that summer's on its way when you start to hear the frogs harmonize together.  They sing mostly at night {perhaps their song should be called, "Summer's Lullaby"! XD}, so I always fall asleep to their chatter.  :]

  Well, I hope you all have a lovely Memorial Day!



  1. Wow, huge pool! Ours is much smaller then yours. So cool!

    1. Well, it's not inflatable, it's in our deck, so, it's pretty large. XD



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