Sunday, January 27, 2013

n e w

  I am back to blogging, and as much as I could apologize and give reasoning, it's simply not worth it.  And so, I'm just going to get back to blogging with my fresh start.  It's a new year, after all {a little late on this bandwagon, aren't I?}, so I'd say it's about time I start!

  So, I still have no pictures to show you, but I just CAN'T wait until I can!  I'm actually posting this from my laptop again, as I just re-designed my blog, and so I have no pictures from my phone or anything.  But I just want to be able to post pictures from my camera so badly, and upload videos to YouTube.  I don't want to use my mom's old laptop because it technically belongs to the school she works at, and our home computer is getting fixed.  So, I'm kind of out of luck right now, but hopefully we'll be getting our home computer soon and I'll post hundreds of pictures.  Mm'kay?

  Anywhoozles, what does everyone think of the new design?  I quite like it myself, especially the header font.  The colors are really cute, too, and different from what I've done before.

  So, I will be back with an actual post soon!  This post is kind of choppy and awkward, but a new post will be really uber soon!



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