Saturday, February 16, 2013

Valentine's Dance 2013

  So, it's two days after Valentine's Day {already?!}, and I thought it was only right to write about the dance.  :)  I wish I could post pictures, but since I can't show my face {or the faces of my friends}, that's not going to work.  But oh well, right?!

  The dance was absolutely AWESOME!  I had an amazing time with my friends, and it was just so much fun.  The DJ was great and made everything really fun.  The lights were great, the music was just loud enough, and he'd always announce a slow dance {so then it wouldn't be so awkward} and made fun little comments about songs.  It was great fun!

  There was a worst part of the dance, sadly, but it's kind of a funny story, so I'll share it!  So, the DJ had this smoke machine.  It was just in front of where he was set up and barely any smoke was coming out.  Well, the fire alarms went off, and we all had to evacuate the building!  Keep in mind that it was below freezing, some people were wearing dresses, lots of people didn't have shoes on, and there was snow that had just fallen earlier that day.  Yikes.  But it was all fine, and we got to go back in quickly.  That's a memory right there!

  Alright, so let's talk about what fun stuff happened at the dance!  So, my friends and I danced nearly the whole time, which was really fun.  My frannnns Makenna {I've talked about her lots!}, Sam, and I had a dance battle with some guys, and we totally won.  We even had a Macarena show down, and again, I think that us girls won!

  Now, you might be wondering about the fact that I said I had a date to the dance.  Indeed, I did, and I don't think I'm going to use his name on here.  I said Germs in my Dear Boys post, but that's an inside joke I won't explain.  I promise you, he's not germy.  It's just his name.  But basically, I'll just call him J.  J asked me to the dance with the help of his friend C.  It wasn't a big extravaganza, just him asking me to the dance, and me saying yes in a kind of confused manner.  Haha. :)

  So at the dance, C was trying to get J to dance with me, but J just walked away because he's so shy.  Then he just kind of stood nearish to me and walked around aimlessly until he got the nerve to ask me to dance.  And he did, and we danced for three of the slow dances.  He was very quiet when we danced, but-as I have said before-he's so shy.  But still, I just thought it was cute that he asked me at all.  He's a lot shorter than me, so it was kind of funny.  My dad {who is my principal, if y'all didn't know} came over to us and took a picture.  Oh, the joy of having your dad as the principal. *sigh*  

  But all in all, the dance was extremely fun.  It was a night I'll always remember for sure!

  Hope y'all enjoyed this post!  I've been in a blogging mood lately, if you can't tell.  I have lots of stuff coming up, so I'll be posting about that when the time comes!

Carolyn <3


  1. Sounds like fun! We don't really have in-school dances here to my knowledge so I haven't the faintest of what it's like but sounds, as I said, like a blast :)

    Anna x

  2. That sounds amazing. <3 I've never been to a dance, but now I really want to go to one.



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